Monday, October 17, 2011

the secret's out! we're live!

Phew! Well, hello there everyone! Yes, the title does not lie; the Halloween Short Story blog is finally up and ready to run! 

I do have to say first that I am sorry for the delay. I blame a terrible combination of caffeine and  technical difficulties. Don't worry, though, I promise I got 95% of the kinks out today. 

What is this blog, you ask? It's a short and fun little thing I chose to put together for my personal favorite holiday- Halloween! Come on, who doesn't like to dress up, get free candy, and go all out in weird make-up and extra decor around the house. During October you can totally neglect to clean and just say you're 'creating an atmosphere' for Halloween! Okay, maybe I'm the only one who uses that excuse, but still. 

For the next 13 lovely days leading up to the big night, I will be posting short story segments from a collection of authors and writers, all of whom were more than happy to pitch in and submit a little story for the sake of getting into the 'spirit' of things! 

We hope you're ready- tomorrow's first post will be from me. And here's a hint on what to expect; feathers from your back is most certainly not a normal thing. 

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